Bespoke custom made timber mouldings.


At Pembroke & Nash we like to make everything bespoke. Why come directly to the Joiners and then ask us to make something that you can buy in a DIY store?

We can offer you a bespoke joinery service to personalise your windows and doors. We can also make up missing mouldings, including architraves, skirting, rails and window profiles.

“That personal touch made all the difference! We are so pleased with our new bespoke windows”

Example: One of our client lives in a late Victorian property. All of the original wooden windows were removed back in the 80s. The client would like us to remove the existing aluminum windows and restore the original sash windows. Her concerns are that her neighbours have had there windows restored but they just don not look right? The architraves look basic and modern. The neighbours on the other side still have there original windows which are sleek, they also have these unique mouldings (Architraves) which set the windows off. She would like original windows (double glazed off course) but she wants them to look right.


What we can offer: Our surveyor listened to our clients concerns and asked if she could arrange a visit to her neighbours house so we could look at the original windows. Upon visiting her neighbours house we also noticed that the internal window profile were also quite unique. Subsequently within the quote we offered to replicate the internal window profile and to also copy the architrave mouldings.


Larger orders: We can also offer bespoke timber cladding, barge boards and porches. These can be replicated in great detail on our computerised CNC machine. Using the CNC machine can greatly bring down the cost if there are several meters of ornate sections such as on Belvederes or Fascias or where your neighbours would like to have the same detail run. We often find that neighbours are interested in having original features replicates also, so maybe have a chat with them first and see if the set up costs can be shared as larger orders can dramatically reduce the meteridge costs.

Personal touch: Some of our client like to personalise there house. One recent client asked us to make some mouldings from his architects design. All we required was the CAD drawing provided on 1:1 scale so we could get these made in detail.

What does this cost? If we have the cutters as we have dozens, then its just the charge for the materials & labour to run some lengths. Otherwise we will charge a set up cost.

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We provide bespoke wooden mouldings and profiles across Brighton Hove & Sussex.