Sash Window Noise Reductive Glazing

We can help by installing noise reductive glazing combined with draught proofing in London, Surrey, Sussex & Brighton.

Sash Window Noise Reductive Glazing

Understanding noise is the first step in being able to reduce it. One of the most common conversations we have with our clients is about noise pollution and how it can be reduced. In London its mainly traffic noise thats is the concern, in Brighton and other seaside towns it is nearly always seagulls and noisy neighbours is a complaint that we hear everywhere. But believe it or not, a different noise pollution can mean a different glazing solution. As this is such an individual requirement we will address each job when surveyed & quoted.

No matter where it originates, from railways, aircraft or factories, noise is all around. Future trend research suggests that traffic and noise in general will only get worse.

The careful and considered selection of glass can be crucial in helping to reduce noise level and meet noise requirements.

The following information is courtesy of the Pilkington website

How it works

The highest noise insulation is achieved using an acoustic laminated glass.

Glass controls noise by:

  • Reflecting the noise back towards the source, and
  • Absorbing the noise energy within the glass.

We can improve the sound insulation of glass in different ways – increasing the thickness of the pane, using laminated glass on its own or within an Insulating Glass Unit (the larger the gap between the panes, the better the insulation).

The best performance is however obtained when using an acoustic laminated glass such as Pilkington Optiphon™, and for the highest noise insulation, within an Insulating Glass Unit, Pilkington Insulight™ Phon

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Pilkington Optiphon Video.

A noise reductive double glazed unit will compromise of a laminated outer pane (Laminated glass is discreetly triple layered), with a an inert gas such as argon and a low emissive inner pane such as Planitherm. The laminated outer pane will add around 10%-15% to the cost of new sashes in comparison to our standard double glazed unit (Planitherm / argon unit with a standard 4mm float outer pane).

If your budget allows then we can start looking at using a speciality noise reductive laminate glass (See brochure below), using Xenon inert gas between the panes, a thermal spacer with a Planitherm low e inner pane. These super units can nearly double the cost of your windows, dependent on the glass area. A quotation is FREE, so let us do the calculations and see what we can do to help.

You will require a suitable internet browser to view the two PDF brochures below. Please give them a couple of minutes to load. The technical details may initially be difficult to take in, but we are happy to explain these to you over the phone, via email or in person. Get in touch easily.

1. Technical details on noise / 2. Optiphon (Noise reductive specialist laminated glass) Optiphon Website






Do not suffer from sleepless nights or be irritated by traffic and pedestrian noise, we can help with sash window noise reductive glazing.