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Sash Window Restoration

Many traditional homes still have the original Box Sash Windows fitted from when the property was first built. Sash windows are a beautiful key feature to any traditional property and they add value to your property when in good working order. Homeowners are more often than not keen to keep original Sash windows but are reluctant to do so because of concerns such as Draughts, Heat Insulation or difficulty opening and closing. Pembroke & Nash can rectify these problems. We can completely refurbish, draught proof, double glaze and rebuild your existing Sash windows. We can also build new sash windows in the same style as the existing windows.

sash window restoration

Sash window restoration after

sash window restoration

Sash window restoration befrore

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The restoration process includes the following

  • Remove the staff & parting bead then carefully remove top and bottom sashes.
  • Take out the pockets and weights.
  • Remove any excess paint from the box frame and sill, note any repairs that are necessary.
  • Sand / burn, fill and prime the existing paintwork.
  • Replace sash the cords and oil the pulley wheels.
  • Weigh the sashes and re-balance the sash weights if necessary using lead add-weights.
  • Renovate the top and bottom sashes, plane / sand off excess paint and replace defective putty where necessary, screw and glue the joints, fill any holes left by previous lock replacement, check the bottom rail for rot and repair where necessary.
  • Install discreet draught proofing system.
  • Prime all bare timber.
  • Fit new locks (Brighton fastener or Fitch fastener), and finger pulls as per clients instructions
  • A full decorating service is
sash window restoration

Sash window restoration – 50 panes of glass, hand cut and replaced in a rebuilt Oak sash.

The key benefits

  • Sympathetically preserving the appropriate period aesthetics of your property through restoring the sash windows will maximise its potential future value.
  • Virtual draught elimination and reduced external noise
  • Smooth quiet window operation of both top and bottom sashes
  • Significantly reduced heat loss and improved energy efficiency
  • Reduce dust and traffic dirt ingress.
  • A clean and tidy work area is always a top priority.

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We can also restore all types of wooden casement windows and doors.