Wooden Sash Window Repair in Brighton & Sussex.

Traditional wooden sash windows that we repair vary in age. Some of the earliest sash windows we have repaired date back to the late 1600s with the majority being Victorian.

Sash windows differ in style and the designs changed every 40 years or so, albeit slight.

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Sash Windows Repair in Brighton & Sussex.

When looking at renovating windows it is important to know when the window was constructed, to what period of design and what materials were used such as Oak or European redwood. Once these points have been established then the condition can be assessed and a quotation can then be given.

The services that we can offer for traditional timber sash window repairs are:-

Basic service.

We will release both sashes and replace the ropes to enable the movement to be as designed. We won’t replace any of the beads or locks. Sash windows were designed to ventilate as well as keep out the elements. If you open the lower sash and the top sash just a few inches then the cold air is sucked in through the bottom and the hot air flows out the top. Very effective in the summer.

Windowcare epoxy resin system is a now favoured in smaller sash window repairs scenarios. On larger repairs replacement sections of timber in hardwood or treated Redwood is preferable. Accoya is now sometimes specified. See examples below.

Window care step 1 sash window repair

Prepare wood

Window care step 2 sash window repair

Step 2

Window care step 3 sash window repair


Pictures are courtesy of window care systems.

Replacement Sill or Sash.

We can cut out the sill section and replace with a new hardwood sill section. The new hardwood sill sections are slightly bevelled with a step; this stops the rain sitting on top which is the cause of most sill sections rotting. The new sill section compliments the exiting. New sashes can be measured to mm detail including the bottom rail, meeting rail, stiles and stock size. The moulding is either an ovlo moulding or lambs tongue. It is important to get all of the details right so the new sash blends in with the existing windows seamlessly. Capillary grooves can be fitted but we always bevel the lower sashes so this is not necessary.

Wooden sliding box sash window repairs.

Wooden Sash window

It is a misconception that when a wooden sash window has rot, it needs to be replaced. A traditional sash window is made up of more than 50 parts. Because the sash window is constructed this way, it enables a good carpenter to replace only the sections that are rotten. The sections that we find are rotten the most are the sections where the rain sits or hits the most i.e. the sill section, bottom rail of the lower sash or the lower parts of the stiles. These sections can be replaced which is a more cost effective than replacing the whole window.

Methods of sash window repairs.

Once the sash window has been surveyed for sash window repairs and the rotten sections have been exposed, we can then go to work with the sash window repairs. Generally a sill section can be cut out and replaced with a purpose made or stock section. We always use hardwood, which is treated and primed. The new sill section will probably out live the rest of the existing window once it has been replaced. If part of the sliding sash is rotten we more often than not will replace the sash. By the time the sash has been taken apart and the glass removed and reinstated, the cost of repair will out way the cost of a new sash. The new sash will last a lot longer than a section repair. Their is an exception to this rule and that is if the sash is very ornate or it is bowed (Curved). Then we will try and retain the sound parts of the sash. Other parts of the lower box frame will more than likely need replacing if the sill section is found to be rotten. We try and not “Scarf” pieces in on exposed area as the joint where the timber is “scarfed” can be a new vulnerable area for water penetration and then subsequently wet rot. Their are several products on the market for filling wood rather than replacing complete section such as Windowcare epoxy resin. These products are good but should not be used as an alternative to replacing complete sections when viable. There is no substitute for a good solid piece of joinery grade timber. When sills or other parts of the window are replaced there is always a possibility that surrounding wall decoration and plaster will be disrupted and then need to repaired or touched up. For reference when windows are heavily painted shut it is not always possible to expose the full extent of any decay until the window is completely taken apart. The survey will make a note of this on the survey.

Draught proofing & renovation can be a worth while consideration when having your sash window repairs. Or if you budget allows, upgrade the window to double glazed.

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