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Pembroke & Nash Oak Windows & Doors, traditional designs with modern glazing.

Oak is regarded as the quintessential English building material. For hundreds of years it has been used to build ships, cathedral roofs & timber framed buildings. Oak has some uniqure properties that make this timber of choice for naturally finished windows & doors.

  • Heavy, strong & durable.
  • Naturally resists fungal attack.
  • Beautiful markings.
  • Does not need to be painted.
  • Fits seamlessly into most applications.

The Oak windows & doors form Pembroke & Nash are nothing but spectacular. Every detail will be made bespoke form the inital design to the stock (Timber Thickness) the type of Oak used, the finsih such as oil and the window furniture. the glazing systems in Oak work extremely well. Generally oak windows and doors have a large stock size, this allows us to put in a deep double glazed unit, achieving an A+ rating on thermal performance.

Buying guide for Oak windows & Doors.

We can incorporate several aspects from different designs and mould them in to one.

  • The layout.
  • Shade and grain
  • Finish – oil or stained.
  • Joints – such as pegged on hidden
  • Leaded glass / clear or with glazing bars.
  • Oak colours and finishes.


When choosing the finish of your Oak windows and doors, there are few things to consider.

  • Does the Oak need to match existing frames or furniture?
  • Would you like the Oak to age naturally? Oak left to weather will go a silvery colour. Rain or moisture that gets into the timber can leave black marks due to the high Tannin content.
  • Stains, oils and varnishes, albeit classed as a natural finish will alter the appearance slightly.
  • Sunlight / south facing windows and doors will change colour quicker than those that are shaded.
  • Oak is a generic term for the Genus Quercus of which there are over 600 different types that grow around the World. This diversity can sometimes make it difficult when matching, but Pembroke & Nash will run a finished sample before full production.
  • All of our Oak can be sourced back to its origin through our suppliers whom are all FSC registered.


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