Draught proofing sash windows in Brighton

Traditional timber sash windows are draughty, although they are designed to keep out the elements sash windows were built for a different era, when fire places were the source of warmth. To enable the fire places to keep going sash windows had to let in some air to let the fire draw and burn. Shutters and heavy curtains were used by the Victorian to try and help insulate. With modern central heating installed in homes, sash window draughts are not necessary and it makes controlling the heat in a room near on impossible. We can renovate the sash window and install draught proofing in to the window at the same time. The draught proofing will virtually eliminate all draughts and in turn this will reduce the dust and noise penetration which travels in the air through the gaps in the window. If your sash windows are not draught proofed then we strongly recommend that you have this done. A full specification of this service can be sent to you, it will detail ironmongery and a full breakdown of works.

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Draught proofing Sash windows

A traditional sash window has gaps which add up to an area roughly the same size as a six inch square. So if you have three sash windows in a room you can see why it is so important to get the gaps and draughts reduced. Ultimately the best service for a sash window is to upgrade to double glazed as well as draught proofing if your budget allows.

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Other window furniture is available from suppliers such as Carlisle brass

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

  • To Draught proofing sash windows effectively, the window needs to be taken apart, excessive paint removed in running areas of the window and the sashes will need to be balanced and planed for a snug fit.
  • Other parts of the window will be checked and replaced if necessary, such as the pulleys. The ropes will be changed as a matter of course
  • Another misconception of a sash window is that not all top sashes slide up and down. Both the upper and lower sashes on 99% of sashes window slide up and down. The reason that the top sashes are normally fixed is simply down to over painting. We will release the top sash (Unless otherwise instructed) so that the window has its original function. Did you know that leaving open the lower sash and top sash slightly will ventilate a room extremely effectively as the fresh air is drawn in through the bottom and the warmer air flows out of the top.
  • The draught proofing sash windows is installed in to the sashes and beading around the perimeter of the window, thus stopping the draughts and reducing everything that goes with it such as noise, dust etc.
  • We will replace the window furniture and upgrade locks where requested.
  • Broken / cracked glass can be replaced and any other issues addressed. Did you know that if you replace the glass in a sash and do not replace it with exactly the same thickness glass, the sash will just keep dropping as it can throw out the counter balance. Old sashes have a thinner float glass and modern glass is 30% heavier.
  • The renovation and draught proofing process takes about a day and we can normally renovate & draught proof an average size terraced house in a couple of days. The works are carried out at your home and the property is never left unsecured & the sashes are installed at the end of each day.
  • A full detail of the works involved will be emailed to you with your quotation.
  • A full sash window draught proofing service including new ropes, beading & locks is available from £150.00 per sash window (A Bay has three windows for reference).
Sash Window Draught Proofing Brighton

Sash Window Draught Proofing Brighton

Draught Proofing Sash Windows Service in Brighton & Sussex. Noise reduction, perimeter sealing of traditional timber sash windows. Listed Building Approved

Do not hesitate, draught proofing sash windows is essential in the modem age, especially as the cost of gas and electricity keeps rising.

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by Pembroke Nash