Pembroke & Nash Wooden Window & Door Hardware.

We buy old window locks. Please contact us 01273 855546 if you have any old locks that you would like to sell.


New Wooden Window Furniture and Hardware, available in many styles and finishes.

At Pembroke & Nash we know that it is the attention to detail that sets us apart form the rest. You can have your new windows made from a variety of different types of wood, in a variety of styles, finished in a range of literally unlimited colours. But we also know its the window furniture / Hardware that finishes them off.

Over the years we have partnered up with a whole host of specialist suppliers, offering us a range of window furniture. Some of these locks such as sash fastener (pictured above) can be sourced easily, but its our network of specialist suppliers that really makes the difference. With enough notice (Around 8 weeks) we can have hand made locks supplied and fitted. So you know that when you order your wooden windows with us, they will be finshed to your taste.

Examples of locks that we can fit to your new or restored windows:


Casement window furniture.

Monkey tail Casement hardware.

Monkey tail Casement hardware.



Espagnolette french door lock.

Restored Antique Window Furniture.

Restoration is massive part of our business. We work on many Grade Listed Buildings daily. On jobs such as these its not always appropriate to fit modern hardware, even if it looks period. For this reason we spend thousands on buying and stocking period window furniture. We have a whole host of styles and finishes (Mainly Brass) that we can offer. The experts know that when it comes to restoration we are the go to people for original locks.

Restored Antique Locks.

Restored Edwardain Brass Fastener

Restored locks fitted in Lewes East Sussex.

If the locks look the same then why use restored locks?

Original antique locks, pulls and handles are made with a quality that we rarely see. Obviously this is not the case on all locks, but on larger houses especially Edwardian, the manafacturer of your ironmongery was a status in itself. The brass content was alot higher than it is today. These locks have a quality and look that cannot be bought and also its nice to know that when you have period window, they are authentic to the detail. Antique locks really make original windows stand out.


Solid Brass Victorian “Beehive” Sash Window Fasteners, stripped and polished. Bought for Stock and then used for a Restoration project in West Sussex.

We Buy all types of old window furniture. Do not throw them away, no matter the condition.


PLEASE CALL 01273 855546 For further information on the types of window furniture & hardware that we can provide for your windows OR CONTACT US HERE.