Sash Window Security locks & Security Solutions.

Sash Window Security Solutions

Pembroke & Nash can help you with all of your security worries. We are highly experienced in making sash windows very secure. We have worked with home owners, housing associations & local councils in resolving security issues in their properties.Simple upgrades with locks glass and actual glazing can be very effective in preventing unwanted intruders burgling your home or business. A combination of new glass & locks can help you sleep better and reduce worries whilst your property is unattended.

Timber Sash Window Security Locks & Security Solutions. We can supply and fir security stop locks, key locks and other window restrictors in Brighton Sussex

Sash Window Security Solutions

Areas of concern that we are often asked to look at,

  • Sash Windows accessible from steps especially with large sills that can be stood on.
  • Windows that are in the sides of properties & passageways.
  • Basement windows & French doors in ground floor areas.
  • Balcony doors that can be accessed from neighbouring properties.


Iron bars fitted across windows are obtrusive and can even invite criminals. Discreet but highly effective security glazing can be just as secure without that “Prison” look and feel. Purpose made sash windows or retro fitted locks to existing windows are all available.

Types of ash window locks that are available can have individual keys or universal locks. Fire escape always need to be considered when fitting locks to sash windows. It is always important to keep plenty of keys around the house, and near windows. Also make sure that everyone in your home is able to unlock the windows and knows how to use the locks (Young children exempt!).

We can fit locks that restrict the movement of the sash windows, which is apiece of mind if you have young children.

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