How do you Stop Condensation on Windows?

Stop Condensation on windows

Condensation is generally caused by a lack of ventilation and intermittent heat / cold temperatures in a room, especially bedrooms. Double glazing of windows can help you to keep a consistent temperature. Ventilation is also key, opening windows in the morning to release some of the humidity can also help.

Condensation on windows resulting, in damp issues with single pane traditional sash windows.

The basics of stopping condensation:

  1. Reduce the water vapour in the room by opening windows or by installing electrical ventilation.

  2. Increase the room temperature to over 15 Degrees Celsius.

  3. Install double Glazing so the inner pane is above the dew point temperature of 14 degrees.

Please read through the PDF below for detailed information on condensation. Contact us for a free quotation on resolving any issues that may be causing condensation & damp problems. Single glazed windows even with draught proofing can be a major problem with condensation, especially in bedrooms. Sometimes the only solution is to double glaze your windows. Pembroke & Nash Traditional Sash Windows have the expertise to deal with this issue. Condensation on sash windows can cause mould to develop o your windows. It can also be mistaken for damp underneath and around your windows. Their are various options for all budgets, so we can give you tips on how to reduce it or quote to install double glazing without changing the look of your traditional windows. Read through the condensation literature below & get in touch for a FREE survey on how condensation can be effectively reduced or stopped completely.

Did you know that the dew point where water vapour in the air turns to moisture on walls and glass is 14 Degrees Celsius.

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