Timber sash window glass and glazing options in Brighton & Sussex.

Timber Sash Window Glass Glazing Options, the double glazing of sash windows is now common, in fact if you do not have double glazing you are now in the minority of UK home owners. Glass may “look the same” or should we say “the same to look through”, however the difference between double glazed units is immense. We can compare the difference in double glazed units to cars, although a cheap car will get you from A to B and is better than walking, a higher performance car will get you their more efficiently, use less fuel, not break down and will provide a more comfortable ride. Double glazed units are the same, their are cheap units which are better than single glazing and their are highly efficient double glazed units.

Hand made cylinder glass being fitted into a listed building.

You may think your buying the same product but their is a BIG difference in standard glass and energy efficient glass. So make sure you know what you are buying. Please read through the information provided below as it is important to understand the performance of the product you are buying and what is the best option for you. Just for reference we are currently using SGG Planitherm low e glass with Argon or Krypton Gas as our standard unit. However we can also supply Pilkington energi products. Its a preference of some clients to specify a certain product for their specific requirements. Planitherm is currently the market leader in low emissive glass.

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Pembroke & Nash can supply any of the products detailed below, to include inert gases such as Argon, Krypton & Xenon. In addition to gases we can supply double glazed units with energy & noise efficient thermal spacer bars.

Inert gas between glass panes;

Inert gas between glass panes;Upgrading of the sashes only within your existing box frames / gas options. New box sash windows will have either 24mm argon units (16mm cavity) to achieve an overall U value of 1.6 or less to comply with Document L of building regulations. Narrow units on New box sash windows are available with Krypton gas and thermal spacers. Replacing the sashes only does not come under building regulations.Thermal spacers will reduce the U values further. Please contact us for details on thermal spacers.

The chart lists the U value of a double glazed unit with Planitherm glass incorporating – No gas (Air), Argon, Krypton & Xenon. For instance a double glazed unit with a 6mm cavity (Space between the two panes of glass) has a U value of 2.5 if you add Argon then this is reduced to 2 and reduced again to 1.5 with Krypton gas. For reference a single glazed traditional sash window has a u value of around 5.5. The lower the U value the higher the thermal rating.

Is Krypton gas worth the extra cost over Argon? Krypton adds around 10% to the cost of new sashes, over and above the cost of Argon. If you are upgrading form a single glazed window to a double glazed window with Planitherm glass and Argon gas then the difference from single glazing is immense. Argon is fitted as standard. If Krypton inert gas is within your budget then the answer to the additional cost is yes, but if it is not then Argon and Planitherm makes a huge difference from single glazing and you probably would not notice the additional 25% in performance that krypton may add.

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Timber sash window glass glazing options, please read on.

Glazing options for double glazed units compromises of two manufacturer, Pilkington (EnergiKare) & SGG (Planitherm). The brochures for both are below. These brochures are in PDF, so you will need a suitable internet browser to view them. If you are having any issues, please contact usand we will email or post them to you. Please give the brochures a couple of minutes to load.

Brochures – SGG Planitherm

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Brochures – Pilkington brochures


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