Pembroke & Nash Guide to Sash Windows.

As you may be aware the name “Sash Window” can refer to many types and styles of sash windows. We have compiled a quick guide with descriptions that will take you through to the relevant information page on our website.

Q.  What is a a sash window?

A.  Sash window compromises of two sliding sash leafs, fitted within a frame (Box).

Q. What is  a double hung sash window?

A. Double hung sash window has both sliding sashes operational

Q. What is a single hung sash window?

A. Single hung sash window will have either the top or bottom sash sliding only. Usually the bottom sash sliding up.

Q. what is a box sash window

A. Box sash window will have a box cavity where the sash weights are hidden. A box sash window is the true sash window. However these can be referred to a just a sash window, a sliding sash window or a sliding box sash window.

All the following are for timber windows:

Double Glazed Box Sash Windows (Complete new  Box Sash Windows).

Upgrade Existing Single Glazed Sash Windows to Double Glazed (Part upgrades).

Listed Building Double Glazed Sash Windows (If your property is Listed).

Sash Window Restoration (Keeping your original windows and single glazing).

Draught Proofing Sash Windows (Keeping your original windows and single glazing).

Below are pictures of Complete New Box Sash Windows.

Sash Window Draught Proofing

  • Q. What is Draught Proofing? A big deal is generally made of this, why?
  • A. Draught proofing is as it describes. It seals the gaps where two part of a s ash window meet, i.e the sash and the box frame or the top sash and the lower sash. The reason it is mentioned so much is because traditional windows and doors were not fitted with Draught Proofing, so it is now an upgrade service for old and original windows. New windows such as ours will be fitted with this as standard.

Sash Window Components

  • Q. What is a Spring Balance sash window
  • A. spring balance or sprung sash window will not have weights in a box, it will have modern springs situated in a tube. These are inferior and cheap sash windows. Normally not worth repairing. As these are cheaper to produce the timber quality is generally poor.
  • Q. What is a sash weight?
  • A. sash weights attached to the sash rope and counter balance the window. A sliding sash window will have ether x 2 weights. Both weights added together will counter balance the sliding sash.
  • Q.What is a sash pulley
  • A. Sash pulleys are a key component in a sash window allowing the rope to run smoothly as it counter balances the sash. Old pulleys can cease up and rust, the friction on the sash cord / rope created by the wheel not running will reduce the life of the cord, thus allowing it to wear and subsequently snap. Pulleys can either be painted or fiished in brass / chrome and so on.
  • Q. What is the difference between sash cord, sash rope and sash chain?
  • A. Sash rope is another name for the sash cord. A sash chain does the same job as a sash cord, but is made from metal metal. used for large window in Victorian Schools, Grand Houses and so on.

Below are pictures of  Sash Spring Balance, Sash Weight, Sash Pulley & Sash Rope.

  • Q. What is single glazed / Double Glazed?
  • A. Single glazing is a single piece of glass fitted to an older window pre dating 1980. Double glazing is two pieces of glass separated by a thermal spacer. double glazing is insulated.
  • Q. What is a horn?
  • A. the horn is a detailed moulding which is attached to the top sash.

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