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Green Homes Grant  – Double Glazing

Latest 28th August 2020

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What is the Green Homes Grant?

Homeowners and landlords in England can apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to homes, which could help save up to £600 a year on energy bills.

The government will provide a voucher that covers up to two thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to your home. The maximum value of the voucher is £5,000. You may be able to receive a higher level of subsidy if you are a homeowner and either you or a member of your household receives one of the qualifying means-tested benefits, covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of these voucher is £10,000. Landlords cannot apply for the low-income part of the scheme.

Local Authorities will also be making support available for low income households in their local area through the Green Homes Grant: Local Authority Delivery. More information on participating Local Authorities will be made available on GOV.UK in due course.

What improvements can I get?

Vouchers must be used to install at least one primary home insulation or low carbon heating measure.

If you choose to install at least one of the primary measures, you can use your voucher to help cover the cost of secondary measures. The subsidy for the secondary measure is capped at the value of the subsidy provided for the primary measures. For example, if you receive £400 for a primary measure such as a cavity wall insulation, you will be able to receive a maximum of £400 for a secondary measure such as an energy efficient replacement door.

The primary and secondary measures are set out below:

Primary Measures


Low carbon heat (where the home is suitably insulated):

Secondary Measures

Windows and doors:

Heating controls and insulation:

Simple Energy Advice will recommend which measures may be best suited to your home (see next section).

How do I apply?

You can apply for a voucher from the end of September 2020. Before you apply, you can use the tool below to:

  1. Check if you’re eligible for a voucher
  2. Check what improvements may be suitable for your home
  3. Choose which improvements you would like and see an estimate of how much they may cost
  4. Find accredited tradespeople to get quotes from to carry out the work

More information on how to apply for a voucher will be made available on GOV.UK in due course.

Biomass pellet boilers are also in scope of the Green Home Grant, but are not included in this questionnaire. You can find out more about them here.

August 19th 2020 Update.

What we know so far is:

  • Primary and secondary measures – the scheme will have both primary and secondary measures. Windows and doors will be a secondary measure and the homeowner will have to have a primary measure fitted before the secondary measures is eligible for the grant. Also, the grant money for the secondary measure cannot exceed the amount allocated for the primary measure

Example:  The homeowner is applying for a Green Homes Grant to have Loft insulation and replacement of single glazed windows installed in their home.


The Grant will only cover 2/3 of the total cost (excluding means tested grant which is 100%) so the amount the homeowner is eligible to receive under the grant will only be £3,960.


The Primary Measure is the Loft insulation at a cost of £1,500 which means the grant money for the Secondary Measure, being the replacement of their single glazed windows, must be below £1,500. Any amount above the grant voucher, the homeowner will be responsible to pay.


  • Replacement of single glazing only-The grant money will only be available for replacement of single glazing to double glazing or triple glazing or for secondary glazing. This specifically precludes replacement of double glazing including IGUs.
  • Energy efficient doors – the announcement states that energy efficient doors will be included but there is no detail of what this means except that it is only replacement of doors that were installer prior to 2002.



July 2020

Pembroke & Nash are looking forward to the Green Homes Grant which is expected to start in September 2020. As a FENSA registered installer, we are already set up and an accredited installers of certified double glazing. TRUSTMARK is providing the accreditation for this scheme in which we have applied to join through FENSA. Our application is pending. From what we know to date, home owners will be able to apply for a grant up to the value of £5000. However the scheme will mean the homeowner will have to contribute towards the cost. £1 In every £3 spent will come from the homeowner with the remaining £2 being covered by the Grant. Free windows upto the value of £5000 with a contribution from the home owner.

We are expecting a surge in orders for timber and also PVCu windows and doors. To guarantee your installation prior to Christmas 2020 we would encourage you to get a quotation sooner rather than later, so we can add you to our waiting lists.

Please contact us via our contacts form to arrange free no obligation quotation and make the most of the green homes grant 2020.