How much does it cost to replace sash windows?

Sash Window Costs Updated 2021:

There are several types of sash windows which have different costs. We can give you an idea of what to expect when asking for quotes for sash windows in 2021.

Notably there are regional variations on sash window costs, London and the South East, including Brighton will have higher labour costs. This is due to higher wages and living costs in these areas.

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We will start with the cheapest sash windows, these are uPVC also known as plastic sash windows. The cheaper versions of these can be supplied and fitted for around £600 – going up to around £1000 for the high quality versions such as Rehau or Kommerling. Other features that can add to the cost are tilt and turn – an extra £80 – £120 per window would be expected, also the spring mechanisms can vary. Make sure you check out the brands. The German made uPvc windows are generally the best.

REHAU uPVC Windows

Timber sash windows can now be bought online and there is an abundance of cheap Eastern European imports available. Although these have a place in the market, it’s mainly dictated by budget. For instances if your windows need desperately replacing and you live in a conservation area where upvc will not be allowed, then you will be directed to opt for timber. However with a limited budget you will be forced to choose the cheapest option. This is where the cheaper European windows fit into the market place. These windows look nice however they are generally stapled and glued, the joints do come open and they will fail at the end of there warranty period if not before. Secondly these windows will not have local features such as bespoke mouldings and section sizes. These features are what make a sash window individual. The Eastern European windows are not always sold as such, so it may be worth asking the company first. The cost of these windows supplied and fitted will be £900 upwards depending on the company.

Hand made traditional timber sash windows, generally made locally by a specialist joiner with local knowledge will be bespoke and generally of a high quality. These include mortise and tenon joints, intricate mouldings and features, made as they were back in the day when timber sash windows would last 200 years. Of course your get you good and bad joiners so look at there reviews and the types of projects that they do.

Base cost for a traditional hand made double glazed document L FENSA sash window suitable for a conservation area / article 4.

Redwood timber sash windows of an average size of W 900 mm x H 1700 mm, fully supplied and fitted would start at £1500.

Victorian Sash Windows Brighton

Victorian Redweod Sash Windows Brighton

Additional costs maybe –

Factory paint finish £80 – £120 per sash window.

High quality timbers –

Hardwood Sash Windows £200


Accoya Sash Windows £250

Stained Finished – Accoya sash windows and casement windows will last for hundreds of years.

High quality fittings / ironmongery £25 – £45 per sash window.

Additional costs for glass types –

Acoustic laminate £200

Toughened £50

Slimlite units approximately  £200 dependant on the amount of glazing bars. these are mainly used on listed buildings. 

Slimlite sash windows for a Listed Building

Please remember too check with your local planning office before you change your windows. Councils often enforce the reinstatement of original features in period proprieties and those where planning was required. Planning portal click here.

We hope we have answered your question on – How much does it cost to replace sash windows?

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