Sash Windows are susceptible to wet rot when moisture is present, this will then give fungi the chance to develop. When it rains consistently for long periods of time, as it has started to do so this week, it is recommended that whenever the opportunity arises, you should open your windows, even if it is just a couple of inches whilst your doing the house work. This ventilation under the lower sash and above the sill can dry out trapped moisture thus preventing the development and spread of wet rot. (Worried about leaving your windows open slightly? Look at our security lock and solutions page). Other tips on preventing WET ROT are to make sure  that the putty has not come away from the glass, as any rain or dew that gets between the glass and the putty will run down into the sash itself. Defective putties and fixed windows are the biggest cause of wet rot in timber windows. And the last tip but probably the most crucial, is to always make sure that your windows are in a good decorative condition. If the moisture cannot get to the wood then rot cannot develop. Lack of ventilation, combined with poor freeholder maintenance has been the cause of rot in windows that our Brighton team have been working on this week.

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