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Bow Sash Window Repairs in Brighton

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Our Brighton Team have renovated some very tricky sash windows with the original shutters on penny weights. That's 10 sash weights and ropes per sash window. To complicate things the windows are bowed, this means they have to be removed externally. Scaffolding is normally required to remove bow sashes as they taper and are larger

Sash Windows London

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Pembroke & Nash Traditional Sash Windows have extended our London Coverage for sash window repairs. We can now offer sash window repairs and call outs to all London Boroughs. Double glazing sash windows will vastly improve the warmth in your home, the benefits will far out way the costs. Quotations for all of our services

With all of the rain this week, no doubt your sash windows

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Sash Windows are susceptible to wet rot when moisture is present, this will then give fungi the chance to develop. When it rains consistently for long periods of time, as it has started to do so this week, it is recommended that whenever the opportunity arises, you should open your windows, even if it is

Prestigious contract in Brighton, Sussex. Over 440 sash windows

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Brighton grade II Hotel 440 Sash Windows / External Decoration 10/10 Checkatrade review. Pembroke & Nash have been awarded prestigious contract in Brighton, Sussex. Over 440  sash windows are to be replaced, renovated & decorated over the next few months in one of the City’s most iconic hotels. The property dates from 1826

Replacing (Sash) Windows in Listed Buildings

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Replacing (Sash) Windows in Listed Buildings Owning a listed property has many rewards, however there is a downside to having an old house and that is maintenance. Additionally if your old house is listed then maintenance can be a paper work headache. Applying for listed building consent & planning approval can be a drawn out