1805 Georgian Meeting House, The Lanes Brighton

Friends meeting house, The Lanes Brighton sash window restoration The Brighton Friends Meeting House is a Friends meeting house (Quaker place of worship) in the centre of Brighton, part of the city of Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, England. The building, which dates from 1805, replaced an earlier meeting house of 1690 what was then a small fishing village on the

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Working sash windows let out heat

Working sash windows and ventilation. A hot summers night and a sticking sash window are not a good combination. A lot of householders do not realise the top sash should come down, a mirror of the bottom going up. There is a good reason for this - ventilation and air flow. Open you’re lower sash

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Why Install Sash Windows?

A feature of many character properties, the traditional sash window is a charming solution to a functional need which adds a real aesthetic appeal in the home. More people than ever are returning to the old style window fitting, installing them into modern homes as a nod to the past which remains just as effective

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Bow Sash Window Repairs in Brighton

Our Brighton Team have renovated some very tricky sash windows with the original shutters on penny weights. That's 10 sash weights and ropes per sash window. To complicate things the windows are bowed, this means they have to be removed externally. Scaffolding is normally required to remove bow sashes as they taper and are larger

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Replacing (Sash) Windows in Listed Buildings

Replacing (Sash) Windows in Listed Buildings Owning a listed property has many rewards, however there is a downside to having an old house and that is maintenance. Additionally if your old house is listed then maintenance can be a paper work headache. Applying for listed building consent & planning approval can be a drawn out

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